Puerto Rico Property Insurance Claims (Hurricanes, Earthquakes)

We do not represent insurance companies. We represent Condominiums, Businesses, Municipalities, and Government Agencies

Hurricane Claims, Earthquakes, Flood, Property Damages, Business Interruption, Claims, Legal Services: If you, your property or your business has suffered damages caused by Hurricanes Irma or Maria or Earthquakes, let us help you with your claim. WE DO NOT REPRESENT INSURANCE COMPANIES. We only work for you. RGF is a San Juan, Puerto Rico based law firm established in 1997. All attorneys are admitted to the practice of law in Federal as well as state courts in Puerto Rico. WE DO NOT REPRESENT INSURANCE COMPANIES. We work with Pubic Adjusters and outside Attorneys.

You have the right to your own representation

If you file a claim with an insurance company, the insurance company will name an adjuster to investigate your claim. The adjuster assigned to your case does not work for you. He only works for the insurance company. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO YOUR OWN REPRESENTATION. Insurance companies have their adjusters and others looking for ways to negotiate in favor of the insurance company! You have the right to form your own team to represent you in the claims process. We work with Public Adjusters, Accountants and Engineers who will help in preparing your claim.

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